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Congratulations Hands-On Learning Contest Winners Answered

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Hands-on Learning Contest! We got a lot of great entries, and I’m very pleased with the overall quality of the entries that we received.

The grand prize entry, ynze’s Make an LED Wall Piece in Class, won because of the quality of his presentation and the thought given to how other educators might be able to use the project in their own courses. If you’re launching a Maker class (yes, that’s a thing), this project demonstrates a framework for approaching guided building while still giving students the freedom to create something uniquely personal. Plus, the wall pieces look pretty cool.

The other winners are equally deserving of praise. As usual, we ended up with some projects that are almost classroom-ready (the electric line aircraft, a space balloon, and invasive species control), and I fully expect that some enterprising educators will soon be using those projects with students. If you do so, shoot me a PM so I can interview you and your class.

The remainder of projects are ready to be adapted for the classroom. The electrostatic motor, the tensegrity ball, and the laser-etched Aztec coin are ready to be snapped up by a teacher willing to work backwards to academically justify the project within their curriculum. Or they’ll make VERY engaging demonstrations.

A special shout out to the young man responsible for launching a balloon into space. We’ve had space balloons before, but the documentation of his project was unusually detailed. If you’re launching a space balloon in the United States, that kid has blazed quite a trail for you. Well done, robotkid249.

Please keep participating in these contests, because even if you didn't win a prize, you still helped to make learning more meaningful for students. If you're making hands-on teaching and learning easier for someone else, you've done a good thing (even if you don't get an electronic traffic light for your trouble.)

Wade Wilgus
Education Editor



5 years ago

Thank you for setting up the contest and the nice words. And posting something about the jury's contemplations is really a good thing.


What a great write up for this contest wilgubeast!!!

It would be awesome to see something like this for all contests in the future. I think it would help members understand why one entry is chosen over another, and would probably help members make improvements to their projects in the future. Obviously not every entry in a contest can be evaluated like this, but something for the finalists would be GREAT!!!

Thanks for taking the time to do this, and congratulations to the winners. :-)

(Maybe adding a comment option for the judges would work?)

Oy, I have been so busy lately, I totally forgot about this....