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Conical coil inductance calculation? Answered

Does anyone know a reliable calculation or online calculator for conical coil inductance?
I am calculating this for a Tesla coil primary if anyone knows is a conical coil primary suitable for a 2000W system?


I hate to say this, but if you just Google "conical coil inductance calculator", you get immediate hits.


Those calculators don't seem as though they use enough information to make a correct calculation is this not the case?

I wasn't looking in detail. Why don't you think they'll work ?
There was a thread in sci.electronics.design about it.

The reason I don't think they'll work is that I have seen other calculators that consider wire thickness and the whole system of calculation doesn't seem to use enough information to be accurate.

How accurate do you think they'll be and what exactly is the linear width measurement on this measuring is it the height, hypotenuse or distance from the inner diameter to the outer diameter?

Learning how to measure the properties looks like it has to be something you need to work on. Look for stuff on making RF measurements of components.


The last thing can you give me a link to something with measuring components with RF I have know clue what to look for? Also the RF is standing for radio frequency right?

Get in touch with your local radio amateurs, or simply google for "basic RF component measurement"