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Connect laptop LCD panel to non standard output Answered

Hey... I have an old TFT LCD (~10+ years old) on an ancient notebook. It's a color screen, 640x480 resolution. I also have an mp3 player that I don't use too often anymore. I was thinking that I want to rip open the mp3 player and send the video output to the LCD but I'm not really sure how I'd go about doing this. It just seems like an interesting project, and I'm not afraid to learn new things or whatever... I just need some initial steps in the right direction.


The general thing about laptop lcd screens is that they have proprietary drivers and wiring specific for that laptop manufacturer and model. Not very easy to get hold of the wiring specs and driver software/hardware/firmware to figure out how to hook it up to something external. It might have been done here if you search harder but it may take some coding and experimentation. Good luck.

it is possible probably not to the mp3 player. but lcd screens can be reused. it takes select models and a lot of know how. but they still have the basic signals just more cables that go to things power r/b/g and some other ones.but i have seen peoples custom breifcase pc's useing laptop screens modified to be like a dual display that popped out of a briefcase then slid 3 inches to each side per screen and it was Nutz. That was just built by a bunch of college kids from a community college. so its totally posible.