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Connect my USB pendrive to my router to access wirelessly Answered

I want to access my pendrive wireless.



Best Answer 6 years ago

If you have a router that has a plug (port) for a USB device and that has the capability, then yes you can do this. Most routers do not have USB ports. You have to get a special one designed for it.

A better option is to get a NAS that has USB ports. NAS is network access storage device. It is usually an external drive enclosure that can fit one or sometimes many more, hard drives in it. It is made to do just what you are talking about. But they are not cheap.
A third option is to put the Pen drive into another computer on your network and enable it to be shared or even better map a network drive to it. But you have to have another computer to do it.


Answer 6 years ago


Some routers (like mine) have built in NAS/usb 'sharing' - can plug in a drive, pendrive, or printer and have it ennumerate on the network through special software.