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Connect power inverter's AC output to my home AC power Answered

How can I connect a DC power inverter's AC output to my home AC power without a transfer switch so the inverter does not get damaged.  Connect it directly or with what ?


ONLY a grid connected inverter is suitable for this kind of connection, and they are designed to go OFF when the grid goes down, for the reasons Kelsey says. Once wrong move and people can DIE, since you can readily backfeed the line transformer.

No.  You cannot.  Look up "grid inverter" on Google.  You need to match voltage and phase, and you must be fully isolated so that, as noted by Re-design, you don't feed power to neighbors inside the last transformer circuit.

You can not connect it with out a transfer switch.

That would be a violation of the elect. code and very dangerous.

Think about what would happen if a line man turned off the power to hook up your neighbors line while your inverter was powering up the line.  He could get electrocuted and you would be the cause of it.

If you're going to do it please do it right.