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Connect two computers through USB to use ports on other computer? Answered

Can I connect my main computer, (Dell E310) to my work computer, (Dell GX1) to use the ports on teh GX1? My e310 doesnt have a serial or parallel port, and the GX1 has both. The GX1 is very slow, but has usb. My current setup prohibits me from simply transering my monitor and peripherals to the GX1. I have qemu, and VMware, if those are of any help... Help?... Tyeo


What do you want to connect?
You could also just get a parallell/Serial>USB adapter from Dealextreme or some Computerstore.

As for the USB Link, there are special Linkcables, but buying two usb network or wifi adapters for about $10 each is a better way; Most likely one or both computers have a network port anyway.

As for printers, you could simply create a printserver or shared printing.

Also you could run VNC / Remote Desktop and just remotly work on the other computer.

Software solutions for remote port access

I am sure all4you.dk or another freeware directory might offer a free solution, or you could use linux.

USB -- no: they're both USB master mode, so nothing would happen.