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Connecting 3.6v white led to 6v power supply Answered

Trying to power up one white led, 3.6v off 6v power supply. Understand what resistor I need.
What's throwing me off is this microchip looking thing inside the project I'm copying. The difference is, on the original project, there's a 4 hour timer on it. So, is this microchip used for that? Or does it have another purpose?
I don't need a timer for my project, just on/off option.
Picture attached.
Let me just add I'm a newbie to electronics.


Antzy Carmasaic

5 years ago

You can go for a dedicated voltage regulator or a voltage divider. Choosing 2 resistors in the ratio 2:3 will work out well for voltage divider. You can go for something like 20K-30K. Drawback of a voltage divider as compared to a voltage regulator is that it will lose a lot of energy.


5 years ago

The chip is the proprietary micro controller that controls the light. Pull the LED from the board and use the correct resistor and you can connect it to your 6V source through a switch.