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Connecting a Gameboy to my Mouse. Answered

I got a lot of Gameboys, (I bough em cheap to do some hacks)

My Logitec mouse uses 5V ofc.

My Gameboy needs his 3V.  

So far I have heard that I should therefore use a 200ohm resistor.

The question is, can I hook the Gameboy directly into the Mouses powersupply? Or do I have to add a second usb cable for it's power?

Also, do I even need the resistor?


The USB port offers 5V at about 500mA. Way more then enough to power the mouse and should be enough to power the gameboy. But you will need a voltage regulator to drop that 5V to the 3V the gameboy needs. So your first step is to get a 3.3V regulator and connect the power from a USB cable through the regulator and to the terminals on the gameboy. If all goes well there then you can start integrating the system into the mouse. If the USB cable doesn't seem to be supplying enough power then you will probably be stuck using batteries on the gameboy.

Thank you for the reply :)

Why a power regulator and not a simple resistor ?

A simple resistor isn't going to drop the voltage. A resistor limits current flow. Now you can use 2 resistors to create a voltage divider but again resistors limit current flow so you'll limit the amount of current that reaches the gameboy. Chances are the system wouldn't get enough current to run if you use a voltage divider. So a voltage regulators is your best option.

Thx :)
I guess my next post is going to be about where to attach the regulator propperly xD (If I don't find a tutorial on that)
Just to be sure here, a Regulator is a 3 legged plastic chip ?

Yes, The ground and +5 wire on the USB wire will go into the ground and input of the regulator. The output from the regulator and ground from the USB will then go to your system's terminals. You will want to use a couple of caps to help smooth the output voltage. You'll want to go with something like this image but you'll want to use an LM7803 rather than an LM7805. Of course your input voltage will be 5V not 9V.

5V converter.bmp

Omg thank you! :D

Awesome ^^

I do not want to fry diodes on the gameboy, The Upper Right connection out of the image is (+) on the gameboy ?

What strength of capacitators should I use? (I haven't worked with this stuff since early high-school sorry)

Yes the out of the regulator is +. The capacitor values are there in the image. Any cap rate for more then 5V will work for you.

Alright thx :) I will put it up on instructables when it is done ^^

You want to charge your Gameboy from your USB port?

Not exactly.
I want to take the gameboy out of it's shell, and connect it inside the mouse if possible. Much like some DIY people here have connected extra LED's to their mouse from inside.

If that is not possible, then yes, I would have to charge from the usb directly.