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Connecting a SDHC card to external hard-drive without computer? Answered

Is there such a device to connect a SDHC card to an USB external hard-drive to transfer photos and videos to the hard-drive WITHOUT a computer?   

Small device to transfer data FROM SDHC TO USB external hard drive and still have the same quality.

I would like to connect my own EXTERNAL hard drive. My hard drive.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Yep, I got one. Its pretty old now though. It transfers really slowly because its old. It uses a notebook hard drive and can also act as an MP3 player so whatever is on the drive that is music you can listen to. It has a small primitive screen that shows you the directory structure.
Its called a Music X drive. photo bank and mp3 player.


I am sure there are newer ones out there. I got this one to use for storing pictures on because I filled up the memory cards so fast I ran out of room.
The last time mine had any serious use was years ago when my son took it to Poland and banked all his trips pictures on it.

So is the picture quality great for the one you have?
Thanks for your answer!
I will look into the $30 one!

By the way, I paid less than $50 for it when I got it but it came with no hard drive, that was not a problem for me as I had some already. Geeks sold it back then. They sometimes have interesting things like that. I just wish it was a little faster or had faster readers. Its transfer rate was pretty slow from the cards. But hooked up USB it works great.

I didn't realize that geeks still had the product page.


And here is a newer one. Only 30 bucks.


Anyway, you get the idea, shop around, they are out there.

I know there are dedicated external harddrive photo backup solutions, but they are rather expensive...perhaps an android tablet with usb functionality would be your easiest bet, mount both drives and copy one to the other.