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Connecting a computer keyboard to a guitar amp? Answered

I was wondering if anyone ever did this, and if it is possible and also if does work what kind of sound would come out?


 I'm not getting much off my keyboard except clicky-clicky noises.

However, driving the mouse around makes some funky noises, and the strangest part about that is that I was picking up the mouse noises through the keyboard line I was listening to.

Some pictures and wav format audio are attached.

I should probably include some words of caution about connecting the pictured RadioShack(r) amplified speaker to a computer sound card. This amplifier is capable of producing signal levels much greater than those that the line-in or mic ports are expecting, and may be capable of breaking the sound card.   The safe thing to do is to use some sort of limiter (e.g. diode clamps) on the soundcard inputs, or to very careful to keep the gain on the amplifier turned down low, real low, pretty much as low as it goes as they say.


I thought every keys on the keyboard were sending different electric signals, so when you hook it up to an amp or something different noises would come out, i guess i was wrong, i wanted to turn it into an unsusual instrument or something... anyway thank you all for your advices

. A quick look at Interfacing the PC's Keyboard will show you that it ain't gonna work. Keyboards use serial communications, so, at best, you will hear some buzzes. Probably more like a bunch of clicks and pops. Don't forget to supply power to the keyboard.

Not that I've seen except once, but the key board was actually connected to a synthesizer that was between the guitar and the amp.

But there are no sound making/altering functions in a normal keyboard. It's just a bunch of normally open push button switches and a few parts to code the keys to the computer.

What are you trying to do?

What were you expecting the keyboard to do?

no. simply no. Don't let me stop you, but no.