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Connecting an LVDS controller to a laptop LCD? Plenty of pictures and model #s inside! Answered

LVDS Board: SQM-005 v2.1

I am not using a backlight in this configuration as I am looking to place this on the stage of an overhead projector to create a "cheap" projector.


The board shipped with a 30pin LVDS cable. I thought this would be fine but it is nowhere near the right size for the monitor even though the LCD uses a 40pin cable. Is there a form-factor to these cables that I am ignoring? Or will this require a convertor board?... Or is this simply impossible :(


I have labeled the picture of my materials as I know the objects-- this way you can reference the picture when trying to decode what I need help with in respect to each object.


Not impossible but you will need a converter board, and you may have to get it made or make it.

How would I go about getting one made? (or making it)

I hope to minimize budget as much as possible, I'm about 60$ into this so far.

Not long ago, someone pushed a link in the "For Sale" forum for a flexible board system to drive AN Other LCD over LVDS from any source ?

+1 for the converter board.

a link to new possibilities, an fpga which might be available.