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Connecting headphone jack to standard speaker? Answered

I took a speaker out of an old CD player and I have an old headphone jack with the wire that I want to connect to it. I have done this before but I have one problem: the sound. When I plug it into my Ipod it is only as loud as the headphones were. Would a transistor amplify the sound and make it louder? If so how do I do that with only two wires? I am trying to figure out how to make it louder. Thanks.


The amplified speakers used for desktop computers would be suitable for amplifying, and making louder, the line level output from the headphone jack of your Ipod(r).

Since you have an Ipod(r), and since Apple(r) products are notoriously overpriced,  that probably means you have money, at least 10 USD or so, and if that is the case, then probably the easiest way to obtain some amplified speakers is to just buy a pair, from a place where such things are sold.  The link below is just a typical example, of what these artifacts look like.

In the case that you do NOT have money, then you should probably just steal, I mean liberate,  these amplified speakers from someone else's computer.  For example public schools and libraries often have desktop computers that are not guarded very closely, and if you steal their amplified speakers, it will only cost their IT department only about 10 USD to replace them.


6 years ago

You need an amplifier. An iPod doesn't put out enough power to drive a full size speaker.
Take a look to the right on this page and throughout the site, there are tons of amps you can build with minimum skill and cost to you