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Connecting my laptop to PS3 using Cat 5 ethernet cable..help??? Answered

ok, I am running windows 7 on a gateway laptop.  my internet connection is verizon wireless, using their 3G internet card, and plugs into my usb port.  I tried connecting my PS3 to my laptop using a Cat 5 ethernet cable, but my PS3 can't connect.  I am unsure as to whether this is a win 7 network security issue or whatever else.  Please help!   :D


You'll need to use a CROSSOVER cable, not a straight througfh cable.

You HAVE to use crossovers when joining like types of equipment together.


Yep.  A patch cable just connects in to in and out to out.  But a crossover connects in to out and out to in.

The ethernet cable worked between a tower running windows XP and my PS3, is it an internet sharing issue on windows 7 that is blocking the connection?  (btw the windows 7 is running off a laptop, if that makes any difference...)    :)