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I have entered into 3 of the contest,I am sure that they are over but never did see if I got any votes.Is there a way I can see the votes and where I was finished in this contest.Thanks, it's been fun doing them so no sour grapes here just curious that is all.



Votes do nothing for you anyway. Their only function seems to be an outlet for people to say "I think this project should win", so that they can feel like they have some input.

Why do you say that? Don't they determine <49% of the winners?

Only some of the Finalists...

Hi, you're not able to see how many votes you have received in a contest. Contests generally work like this:

After a contest is closed it remains open to voting for a few days, it then goes to judging and the finalists are revealed. The final winners positions are then revealed.

Find the contest(s) you entered here to check what the status is and see the winners (if you are a finalist / winner, you will receive usually an e-mail notification):


It´s a pity that one cannot see, how many votes he/she is given, as this could inspire to get a better result in a future contest...

On the other hand, someone can be disappointed a lot if he/she would figure out no votes at all.

So I think it is a wise decision not to show votes.