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Contest! Answered

Welcome everyone to my contest all you need to do is send me a link to your instructable/s that you would like to enter in the contest
and at the 1st of february i shall choose the winner  and there will be:

Grand prize

1st prize

2nd prize

and runners up.

The rules: all of the instructables that you enter must be yours no one elses instructables just yours. 2 you MUST not beg in your instructable if you do i shall reject it ALL instructables must be entered before the 1st of february  okay enter these instructables!


What are the prizes?
I could probably donate patches.


Ok that would be great the prizes depend you are working with me if thats ok thanks.

I can design some patches.....I am very good at photoshop (not to brag)

did you pick your winner?
and tell me what you want me to design...right now i got just a medal

everyone won it was so hard to choose! i can make a 3-D patch using K-3D

WINNERS: Everyone!!!! All of you will get an award!!!!!!!

Here are some of mine:

Hope you like some of these.

can you tell us about the prizes...how the voting is going to take place and how much instructables can you enter?


6 years ago

Could you be a bit more specific? I might want to join, depending on what I might win.

Any category of instructable? Or all?