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Contest! (winner announced) Answered

I am holding a contest to see who has the best airsoft gun (in my opinion). all you have to do to enter is post a picture of you airsoft gun and state its:

(1) price
(2) fps
(3) brand
(4) magazine capacity
(5) power source (electric, gas, spring)
(6) weight (if possible)

if you wish to post more than one gun, write another comment with each of the statistics listed in it, along with the picture. the winner will receive a patch and a 5* rating on all of their instructables. i will announce the winner saturday, 28/07/2012. get posting!


(1) dr. richtofen: m93 raffica, pump action shotgun, mp40, m14 socom, 90 two
(2) Runeblader97: famas, lever action rifle
(3) mberg: p226
(4) TheDunkis: magpul pdr


the winner is.......... Runeblader97! i choose your gun because its low enough price, pretty good fps, high capacity and it was different to all the other entries, being a lever action. it was also nice to see a different airsoft gun that wasnt really modern. you will recieve your patch and a 5* rating on all your instructables!


oh my god, I cant believe I won, I thought someone else would of won, Dr. richtofen had a really cool shotgun that i thought was a close second

Tanaka Sic93 (m93 raffica)

1: it costed me 195 Euros
2: I think around 320 FPS
3: Tanaka
4: 38 bb's
5: Green gas
6: About 1200 gram with magazine

I got a free steel folding stock with it =D
Please note that my guns are more expensive than on other places, as airsoft is still illegal here in the Netherlands.


Thanks, it's definatlly worth the price. It cán shoot full auto, only jams after a few seconds, so I stick to 3 round bursts =)

Jes, I just shot it at a plastic food bucket thing filled with water. It started leaking water after 1 shot =D

Yep, refilled the mag. I blew the cap off, and ripped apart most of the sides =D

hahah i love shootin the f**k outa things lol

True. I only spill my bb's way to fast XD

Yep. I have 2000 .2's left, and a lot of .12 I almost never use =/

ive 6000 .2s :)) lol, i wouldnt even consider buying .12s

Lol true. I bought them when I got the MP40. I was a noob in airsoft back then (first order) XXD

Yep, I almost never use them/ only sometimes


1: 75 Euros
2: 250 FPS (I think)
3: ASG
4: 40 bb's
5: Spring
6: 3000 Gram

Comes with a rail system that slides on. Adjustable Hop- Up and rear sight (elevation), also comes with speedloader, and a safety goggle. (I think the safety goggle isn't too good in quality)


Yes, too bad I had to give the scope I had on to my grandfather (it belongs to his 4.5 mm airgun).

im sure youd find a cheap enough 1 online :)

Maybe, most I've seen on my airsoft site are for 11mm rail, mine is 22. Or they're like 100 euros or so =(

thats a rip off lol, my rail was €25 and the scope was €35

That's true. I have the rail. I saw a Umarex Point Star (20 euros) but it only fits 11mm rail. Maybe I can change the screws or so (Like i did with the airgun scope XD)

Yep. I'm waiting for a discount. Then I'm gonna order some gas, bb's and maybe the Point Star =D


1: It was 50 euros
2: The manual says 345 FPS, I think it's a litlle lower
3: Gold Arrow / UTG / Double Eagle
4: 14 bb's per shell.
5: Spring
6: 1800 gram

It loads from shells, 1 shell at a time. Spare shells are held in the holder you can click on the gun


Thanks, got it for my birthday =D Hurts like hell when you get shot (I did some backyard airsoft with spring guns last week with 2 friends. I can still see the spot on my hand where I got shot XD)

lol, niceee. its mad sore when you get shot in the shoulder blades lol XD

Ouch, I can imagine that that hurts. One of my friend accidently shot the other at 2 meter away or so. Where he got hit turned blue/purple after a few seconds, and it showed a bruise. Gotta hurt XD

very sore lol. awwwww i hate point blank shots, their so f**king painful lol XD

Me too, the shot on my hand was from 15~20 meters away, and it still hurted XD

Beretta 90two

1: 40 euros, my parents paid it for me
2: 260 FPS
3: Umarex
4: 15 bb's
5: Spring
6: 400 gram, mine weights a bit more, I have a laser on it.

It comes with a detachable rail cover. Accepts most lasers or flashlight holders. The iron sights are dotted white, and the Hop-Up is fixed, but extremely accurate with .2 gram bb's


Thanks! It has full beretta trademarks and other marking on it=D

niceee, love guns with real trademarks, looks so good on them :)


1: 25 Euros
2: 250 FPS-ish
3: Double Eagle
4: 32 bb's
5: spring
6: 400 gram

Plastic feels cheap-ish. Folding stock. I heard that the stock is extremely flimsy, mine still works perfectly after more than a year. Hop-Up is fixed way to heavily. Sights suck, the front post is to low, I can't see it 'cause of the fixed rail on top. I put tape on the front post to extend it, and colored it black.


can i enter a CO2 pistol or bb gun? If not, heres the stats of my gun:

$40-$70, It has been so long.
crosman or daisy bullpup.
50plastic bbs
8 lbs roughly.

i will hopefully have a pic up by tomorrow

sounds good =D your entered when the picture is posted.

this thing is pretty freakin accurate