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Contest : Bike Weapons Answered

I was hoping to pimp out my bike with James Bond esque weapons. An example would be a way to deploy oil, tacks, smoke, or water out the back of the bike. Rockets wouldn't be so bad either. Mines or flame thrower would be great. Try mounting the control box on the handle bars. I do have basic Oxy-acetylene setup that is good for all around jobs. I also have black powder and other chemicals like KNO3. Please leave a picture below of the project with details, plans, etc. etc. I know there are a lot of bright minds out there who would find this fun and challenging project tailor-made for them.


My bike can't shoot rockets... but it can go 50mph... that's kind of James Bond Esque...

Upgrade Complete!.jpg

You could run a high pressure pvc cannon along the piping of the bike with an electric switch at the handlebars that would active a electric valve and release the air pressure. You could load whatever you want into the barrel (as long as it creates a somewhat-airtight seal) and then fire it off. ammo ideas: you could ram a piece of a carrot or potato down the pipe for airtightness and then load the barrel with caltrops, like armourkris said. also, airsoft bb's or metal bb's

Just like dropping oil, this is a bit more effective and it sure pops tires.
Much like the goathead thorns that are impossible to break. and will always land with 1 point upwards.
1. First you get some "JACKS" with the ball(make sure they are the metal kind of JACKS!
2. You take a grinder/file/dremel, anything that will make most or all of the tips extremely sharp
3. get some sort of case with a wire that you can pull and they will fall out onto the ground behind you or
go to a RC Hobby store and get a remote controller and a small motor that powers the wings on a RC plane that moves the directional wing up and down, and mount it onto a box or make a box and when you press the button on the control it will drop the Jacks.
4. At least 1-2 sides will always end up depending on the type of JACKS that you get.
and theres your James Bond weapon.


you can put two party poppers filled with nails, caltrops and black pepper under your seat. pull the string if someone chasing you or to cheat in a race

what about something to cut tires like james bond that deploys from the wheel . maybe with a blender blade attatched to the axle. or lights on the rear to glare others vision.

Gee, I don't know. How about a flash bomb for good effects (nothing too big)? I was also thinking an air powered cannon, but someone else took it. And rockets? What size of rockets? If it's small yeah sure it's doable, but if you're thinking big, good luck surviving the back blast.

an airsoft semi auto.. bic and battery onboard asult weapon.

a paintball gun mounted in the front like if it was an mg, with two of these bikes you can doo cool james bond scenes

attach a nerf vulcan to the tray on the back and have someone drive and you shoot.


8 years ago

<p>Oh, wait, sorry, you said back. Slap one of these on ( <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/bike-trailer/">https://www.instructables.com/id/bike-trailer/</a> ). Again with the evil minion (or trusty side-kick) and you're set.<br /> <br /> For ultimate leet, do both! Bicycle-o-death!</p>

Strike that. Front or back will do. Any nonlethal armament.

Hhmmm, non-lethal ...

Nope, I can't think of anything non-lethal ;)


8 years ago

Slap a trolley (<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Cart-Bike/"> https://www.instructables.com/id/Cart-Bike/</a> ) on the front of your bike and put one of your evil minions in there with guns-n-ammo.<br /> <br /> At least then you'll have some sort of frontal-shield.

hmmmmmm how bout a taser mouted on handle bars, or Oxygen/flashpowderbomb catapult/cannon?


9 years ago

Can't beat a D-Lock. Other good (defensive weapons) are keys. Less damaging is pulling wing mirrors back (so they spring back with a bang) or a flat palm to the roof.

Im not talking about actual weapons for fighting with. Im talking about weapons for your bike, i.e. oil slick, tacks, smoke screen, etc.

I dont intend to hurt or destroy anything. Just being able to say that my bike can shoot rockets is good enough.

Glove guns mounted on the handlebars... they shoot rocks and other things like seeds and nutss 100 meters or so!

you could get some Car Windscreen washer pumps Put led jets on (to make it look scary) Under your seat and shoot Methalated spirits through and chuck a match !

Caltrops are easy to make, and i don't think it would be to tough to come up with a way to deploy them from a bike without bursting your own tires. sucks to be whoever is behind you though.

I can think of a few things but not until I know one thing. What in God's name For?