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Contest Etiquette- Reposting Old Instructables Answered

I noticed that some authors will repost an old instructable in order to enter a current contest.  Is this frowned upon?  Are there any rules around this practice?




Yes,( frowny face)
But if the original instructable has changes, modifications, or improvements to make it a "different" version, then it is acceptable. The grey/gray area or line that you cross to determine it is different in each case and may be subject to interpretation.

Don't get too hung up on what others do. You do the best on your own accord and know that you stretch the bounds of creativity in your own ibles.

+1 to both paragraphs.

The term usually used is "significant improvement". That would include an updated/improved design, but not updated links to suppliers.

It would include new, much better photos of the build, but not alterations to existing images.