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Contest: Make Art From Starbucks Junk Answered

Finally a reason to stop feeling guilty about my Starbucks addiction. I know I should be making my own coffee at home (and I do), but I can't deny my love for a double-tall latte.

So what do I do with my stack of used cups and lids (rinsed for recycling!) and all the extra caffeine raging through my veins? Build a TIE-fighter, of course!

Wired is hosting a Starbucks art contest. The idea is to make something cool and interesting exclusively out of Starbucks junk (cups, stirrers, drink holders, etc). Tape, glue, and string are allowed. You might consider multiple coffee-runs, or just ask the manager to sell you a bunch.

As something resembling a prize, Wired will feature their favorites in an online slideshow. Fame and notoriety - it can all be yours! (Of course, we always recommend cross-posting on Instructables.)

To inspire you, Wired posted this incredible TIE Fighter, made by Wired photographer Dan Winters. I don't think a Star Wars theme is required, but it almost certainly helps.

Enter at Wired.

May the Force (and the nondairy creamer) be with you.

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Wouldn't it be more of a challenge to make something drinkable from the junk they normally serve?

. Is it that bad? The nearest Starbuck's is about 60 miles (~100kM) from me and I'm not a big coffee drinker. I've always been curious and plan to try some if I ever pass in front of one of their stores. If it's all that bad, I may change my plans.

I disapprove on principal - coffeeshops these days only sell one kind of bean (arabica), medium ground, medium roast and prepared as an espresso. The only difference is how they dilute it and flavour it.

Do you remember when you got different flavoured coffees because they used different kinds of beans, grown and roast in different ways?

Within 100 miles, I only know of one coffee shop like that now.

. So it's not so much that the coffee is bad, just that there's not much selection?

It's badly treated, and the illusion of choice is an insult to the consumer.

. OK. If I do happen to pass by a SB's, I'll order only a small serving. Just so I can say I've tried SB's coffee. . I'm not a big fan of flavored coffees. If I want something warm that tastes good, I'll drink hot chocolate. I like my coffee the same as I like my wimmen - hot, black, and strong. heehee

It is kind of bad, because the way they create their selections....

Yes, to get that type of variety with "coffee", at least over here, one has to pay PREMIUM prices for the beans, ground or not. .

I mean, they ARE running a special right now, but once you find out how good their coffee is, it is hard to not buy any more at $7 - $8 per pound or more.

I am sure you have heard of Gevalia coffee

The last one I had was burnt, too sweet and hugely overpriced. Now I go to the small independant coffee shop on the corner.

It's a competition for DIY-ers, not Magicians.