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Contest Prize Mashup!!! Answered

Hello Instructables community forum readers,
I'm not sure if this is the 'best' place to speak my mind, but here goes.  I mentioned this to Scoochmaroo one time, but that was shortly before she moved on...

I was thinking that it would be AMAZING if there were some contest prize mash-ups.

People who can sew amazingly and win a sewing contest...probably already have a sewing machine...but might REALLY try harder if they could win a Kitchenaid, that they don't have!  Or a chef that has the chance at winning a dremel tool or tool of some kind...you get the idea right?  Is there anyone out there with me?

I don't think there would have to be a rhyme or reason to the prizes, but make it fun for people quite skilled in an area to try for some prize they might not be so adept with!...

Okay, maybe sponsors and prize fronters want to see some fabulous things created with their line of equipment...but maybe there could just be an occassional "mash-up" prize like a judges prize???

Please take some time to consider!  :)


They can always offer cash prize, that will simplyfy things a little. Show and Tell-ing can get expensive. I think I will look into contests with cash prizes to enter.

I wish we could, but Kiteman's right - there are even problems with cash prizes here in the US! I don't think it will be something we'll be able to offer. :)

I believe there are too many legal complexities to be able to offer cash prizes internationally.

I agree with you.
But I think mainly it's what the sponsors offer as prizes and they want to see things created relevant to their equipment.

I like your ideas :-) I was just looking at the puppet contest yesterday and had no idea what the grand prize even WAS.. Then I looked it up and it seems like a perfect fit for some cake decorating/fondant/sugar art uses! I guess you could do a "pick your prize" kind of thing.. But I'm guessing no matter what you're going to be met with "Winning so many contests you're bored with the prizes? Sounds like a first world problem to me.." Hahaha

So you would want options to select the prize yourself? I don't see a problem with winning a sewing machine, since it is probably better than the one they are having. I had a camera and vacuum before, but winning better ones was awesome.

Admittedly winning the same thing you are already having might not be to great, but I doubt that this has happened often and you can still give it for example to your mother, grandma or daughter, should you have no use for it. My grandma is an awesome chef, but I am sure she would not be happy with winning a Dremel.