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Contest Prizes being Pro Accounts for runner-ups? Answered

It would be great if you added runner-up prizes in some or all the contests of Pro Instructable Accounts. I am new and have not seen that, maybe you already have them sometimes, if so then please ignore this. But if not, it would be really great for those of us (me) that want one yet can't afford to spend the money on one. I know it isn't much to some of you folks, but it is a lot to others. The cost of the supplies of things we are going to make, which we will spend first anyway, it is already hard to afford. Adding the Pro account as a prize wouldn't cost Instructables much if anything and there is no shipping cost plus I think it would be appreciated by many.   :}.


People can get memberships for runner-up-grade work (things that are featured, in an e-book etc).
I've got over 2 years worth of memberships this way.


wow that was nice! A runner-up prize would be earned (figured that implied) and I am new. Give me a break!! I will get better at this. So take ur memberships and stuff them where ur work should go!

My spidey-be nice--sense was tingling. Lemonie is a Brit. At times it is hard to distinguish tone and sarcasm or converting metric to regular stuff, converting English to English, but we try our best to be sarcastic. Don't read too much into comments here. Welcome to Instructables.

Yes, I regret writing that, it is out of character for me. It hurt my feelings and I was having a bad day, you are right though.
I am sorry for my reaction! I was having a ruff day and it came out on you and that wasn't fair, even if you meant it the way I read it, I should have not said what I did.
Forgive me,

Seriously, the memberships are there for really good (or maybe just good) work.
A person doesn't have to enter a competition.


(no problem)

This is the internets, stick around, a good time to be had by all...

Most contests offer "Instructables Prize Packs" to runners up.

They typically include a t-shirt, stickers, and a code to turn pro.

Thanks a bunch for your help. I saw one of those packs on a contest yesterday, after of course I bug everyone with this question.... Some very Sweet Lady gave me a 3 months pro account. That was sooo kind of her. It is amazing how many very nice people there are on here.  I wasn't asking for a free one, I was just asking for an opportunity to win one and didn't see any.
Being new here there is just so much to read and learn. Just all of your awesome publications will keep me busy for a month! I will need IA meetings often I think, maybe we should add one to a forum, I am already addicted, standing as I say this behind a podium in front of the group .... LOL!!!! Oh wait defeats the purpose huh....He He.
Hey that's a good comic idea? See it's terrible!!!!
I figure, maybe there is a chance of me winning one of those prize packs anyway, if I ever win anything at all.... :-\
Thanks for your comment and Good Luck on your contest entry with the whistles.


A "Sweet Lady"?

Now you're pro, you can send her a patch as a "thank you".

I did :) I didn't know if she wanted me to say her name or not. Thats why I said it that way...

wait, there's more - and a spiffy cloth Instuctables Robot patch...and some random piece of "robot themed?" something everyone is still trying to figure out.

Oh, I'm still waiting to get a chance at one of those "themed things"...

Don't get too excited. Some kid is crying that part of his happy meal is missing.


LOL, thanks. I guess that will be my goal. Don't know any people who would bother to vote for me. My husband forcing his family with death was a one time thing....lol. Votes are like 50% of the judging right?

Don't worry about the votes or rating. If you made a great instructable, it will stand on its own...

Thanks I am working on some and learning. Not an ex-engineer or anything but love those kind of projects so my learning curve is huge and will practice with some small stuff. :} Man I just saw a great book on "ibles for dummies" that I will study hard...LOL That is soooo cute!!