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Contest Rejection Answered

I tried to enter my instructable for Altair's Sword in the Think Geek Sci-Fi contest and it got rejected. No reason was given and I was just told to check the entry rules, but I see nothing that would disqualify my instructable.

Yes it's a sword, but it's from a game that is a sci-fi game about a guy who gets in a futuristic machine that uses his DNA to allow him to relive his ancestor's lives in the hope of figuring out where a mysterious alien artifact is to keep a secret society from taking over the world. They even feature several Assassin's Creed items on Think Geek, including a latex tomahawk.

Could anyone let me know why it was rejected?



In the future, please feel free to respond directly to me since I was the one who rejected you. I'm happy to discuss why I made the decision I did. I had a discussion with another editor here for a while before it was decided that your project would be rejected. While we both agreed there was a sci fi basis for the game, it was still mainly a historical game and the object itself doesn't have any sci fi aspects. While it is an awesome project, it just isn't what we are looking for for the Sci Fi contest.

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Could we have some clarification on what type of Sci-fi Because it seems you guys want more hard core space Sci-fi rather then apocalyptic zombie/disease or steam punk Sci-fi and even things from sci-fi games.

@sircaptaingerotter, an easy way to clarify this is to think of science fiction as 'non-supernatural'. Zombies are not the same thing as Frankenstein's monster, one is supernatural and one is science fiction. Steampunk definitely falls in the science fiction realm.

If you want to split hairs about the merit of a zombie entry and posed the scenario "zombies created by a super scientific strain of bacteria that made everyone crazy and eat brains" then your science fiction element would have to involve said bacteria strain and not the resulting zombies. As the bacteria strain is the science fiction, the zombies are an imaginary supernatural byproduct of science fiction.

For some reason it didn't even occur to me to respond directly to you. I think I forget how personal everyone involved with Instructables is. Like I just told Mike I think I was just dissapointed and trying to justify it. Thanks for at least considering it, and for the quick response to my question. Also, thanks for being such a support to the community here. You do an amazing job encouraging everyone. You clearly deserve your title.

Thank you. And it is totally fine asking why we made the decision we did and I just wanted to let you know that directly messaging me is totally fine :) The contest did just start, too, so there is still plenty of time to come up with an awesome sci fi project to enter :D

The Sci-Fi Contest, like many of our contests, is open to interpretation and we try to keep the barrier to entry low to have everyone participate. Your project is a sword based on a fictional historical video game. I agree that a portion of the game has science fiction in them, however the item you made is a sword.

For this contest we're looking for items that are clearly in the realm of science fiction (think lightsabers, sonic screwdrivers, and the like). If you can justify that this particular sword has an attribute that qualifies it as a science fiction item then please include that in the body of the project and let me know, I will take another look at it.

No, you're right. There aren't really any special "sciency" attributes to the sword itself. Re-reading my initial question I just sound whiny now. I think I was just dissapointed it didn't count and trying to justify it. It's amazing what a shot at a Death Star tea diffusor will do to a person.