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Contest Rules? My husband joined Instructables -- Answered

My husband joined Instructables because he saw how much fun I was having.

Now, he's threatening to actually COOK so he can join in on the Contest Fun.

Is that allowed? Could we each win a prize in the same contest? 

I'm not thrilled about sharing my kitchen... not to mention hiding my recipe ideas under lock-and-key and experimenting with them while he's hand-cuffed out in the barn!!!



Best Answer 7 years ago

It is certainly allowed - the entire Kitefamily are members, and have all won things in various contests.

Not an "answer", obviously... but I just wanted to thank everyone that replied to my question. Y'all are crazy/silly/FUNNY and informative... just like ALL of my favorite non-instructable "peeps". Thanks, again!!!!

Here's a snap-shot of my refrigerator door, today. ;-)

OFATS- Lock freezer or handcuff husband and children!.jpg

Tell him he the kitchen needs the renovations you've been waiting for before there will be room for two people to cook at once...

Oh yeah... I can already hear his bellowing laughter... and I haven't even made that request... YET! ;-D


7 years ago

Charge a consultant fee. Maybe also a finders fee.

LMBO... yeah... I should hit him where it'll hurt the worst... IN HIS WALLET!!! ;-D

....and experimenting with them while he's hand-cuffed out in the barn!

There's a novel idea for an instructable.....


If I could entice him to the barn and get a pair of cuffs on him... I'm afraid the resulting Instructable might be a little too risqué for family-viewing. ;-)


7 years ago

More than one person can work on a project. There is even a special button for that. (enable collaboration) and I believe different members of a family can submit contest entries as long as they are individual subscribers. I think you could both win but I am not positive. Of course you could end up on COPS too. That would be an interesting domestic dispute. You need to buy him some "wife beater" t shirts so he can look the part. How about a special apron? Maybe I should offer a patch to the most origional slogan for an apron.
matching pair maybe " I'm on Instructables" ,"No Your NOT"

LOL... YOU are a RIOT!!!!

I WANT one of those aprons... mostly because if I can con him into wearing it, I'd have leverage to BLACKMAIL him with! >:-D

"I can cook TOO", "Yeah, but people eat what I make"

Each "user" can only win one prize...doesn't say anything about households (unless I skimmed the contest 'rules' section too quickly).

Go for it! As others suggest, if you BOTH work on the same project, you can collaborate, but then it will only show under one person's name with the other marked as a collaborator.

So far, I've only agreed to allow him to collaborate on my project for the Garden Contest.

He says he'll reveal his "mystery" contribution when I start my new Instructable.

That'll be tomorrow... and frankly, I'm a little skeered of what he's dreamed up!!! ;-D