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Contest Voting Answered

Hi! I am very new to instructables! I am in the holiday gift contest. I have been sharing with all of my friends and family getting votes. How do we know how many votes we have, or if we even have a shot to become a finalist?? Is it by views? Some of these instructables have been up for a while and have thousands of views and mine has only been up since the 28 th and only has 348 views : (, and 34 favorites?? Thank you in advance for any help : )



The sponsors have their own criteria I had an instructible with over 1500 hits in one day and never made it as a finalist and another instructable that had only 64 hits won a prize.

Views & favourites can give you a vague idea, but the number of votes is kept secret.

I see! Thanks for the response! I have 300+ views but some people have 40,000 views plus : (. I'm just wondering if I even have a chance lol!

There are other places to share - FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest have all proven to useful in generating views.