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Contest Voting: Minus one point if you say "Vote For Me". Why? Answered

I've seen a couple of the 'Ibles staff say that they will remove one point from the voting if you ask for viewers to vote for you.

I understand that this is sort of annoying when people write "Vote for me" in the first step of their instructable, But if you ask nicely in the last step of your instructable:  "I'd also really appreciate it if you vote for me in the contests I've entered :)", (like I did in my "The Ultimate Magnetic Pegboard" project), will judges still remove one point? 


I have never seen that.

Some people may find asking for votes mildly annoying, but there is nothing inherently wrong with doing it.

Depending on the reader, I suspect if an author has asked for a vote it may have a reverse effect in some cases, but in others it may actually help. So . . . net benefit is potentially nil.

Also, there are no points (in any sense where we could actually "remove one.")

Here's the secret: Make cool stuff, and document it well. ;)

I haven't seen that anywhere, but I thought it was against the rules to say "please vote if you like this project", so I never put that on an Instructable that I'm entering in a contest, just to be safe. I have seen a couple people put that on their entry though. Sorry if what I said was useless to you. I just wanted to put what I've personally noticed.

One year later...

I write it only on I'bles that I really think can win, once. Hope this helps :)

I have seen judges say this reading through the forums. However, I would wager that in terms of winning, it likely affects very little. I'm fairly certain that the judges voting system is really more of a "guide" the staff and whoever may be sponsoring the contest use - I'm pretty sure it is not the final decision of who will win which place. Having said that, as a judge I don't find asking for a vote a good reason to take a point away, however, I do not ask for votes on my own instructables because I do find it a little tasteless and I'm not posting my instructables just to win a contest. It would also be confusing for newcomers to the site to read that after the contest has come and gone. For me winning a contest is just a fun bonus. I'm posting instructables to help other people and spark their imagination.


2 years ago

Can vote points even be removed? And, since most finalists have 50+ favourites I think I can safely assume they have roughly the same amount of votes, meaning that one vote point doesn't really matter that much...

Or am I mistaken?

I've never seen that - could you give a link to an example?

I have never seen instructables staff say that they will remove one point from voting if you ask viewers to vote for you... can you be more specific ?

I don't like the useless begging, especially if the person has no ther Ibles and only created one for a contest - but I still don't reduce the point count for it as I still think content is more important.

the staff have never ever said that maybe the volunteer judges have said that once or twice but never the staff

Where have you seen staff say they'll remove a point? I feel very confident that is not true.