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Contest Voting Answered

My wife submitted a dress for your contest that needed to be done by 6/12/11 midnight. She did so at about 11pm on 6/12/11 and your site stated that it was accepted. BUT now the voting has started & her dress is not listed!!! Why? Her name is Conny Johnson.


What time-zone are you in? Instructables works to California time. Was the email say "entry accepted", or only "entry received"?

I can't tell which project is your wife's as you haven't mentioned her screen-name (like yours is "jimmie2101"), but if it hasn't shown up by tomorrow, you need to drop an email to service [at] instructables [dot] com or drop a PM to one of the site staff.

Its a fairly frequent complaint recently. You'll find muttering in the forum section about that, and rule changes just before the end of a competition.