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Contest idea, reward: Patch + best answer Answered

I got upgraded to pro and now I have 14 of my 15 patches left. If someone can tell me a good idea for a K'nex contest (which I will host), he or she will be rewarded with a best answer and a patch. I don't know what to do with them anyway. I don't want the contest to involve guns

Thanks for your time.



Best Answer 7 years ago

The best working knex calculator. That would be complicated.

Right now this idea is my favourite but I'm going to wait a little longer before I pick one.


7 years ago

make a ball machine.

Most useful ( everyday ) like a k'nex stapler or a k'nex bag or something.


7 years ago

A marble machine that fits in a red rod box, so the maximum size should be one red rod in every direction.

Would be fun if you had like several small marble machines that you could just stack up on each other. 

I like that idea, it would take alot of skill though

personally i would like to see a cat toy contest i think it would be cool. the toy could be knex or use knex to hold the toy ( or somthing). if you dont like go with the red rod ball machine idea.

How about a sculpture contest or a building contest?

How about a contest for k'nex creations that are functional for everyday use as opposed to toys?

Ball machine

A full controllable (steering + driving) K'nex car.

Controllable walker using normal motors only, no cyber.