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Contest prize help Answered

Hi I won first prize in the Halloween photo editing contest and haven't heard a single thing about getting that prize in 7 weeks. However, i did contact instructables about 2 weeks ago asking what had happened and was informed that they were getting stock and it shouldn't be that much longer. I'm just curious is this normal for contest prize to take more then 7 weeks to reach someone.



Our prizes never stick around long at HQ. Delays happen when there's a logistics issue getting the prize to us, or when prizes are shipped from a sponsor and not by us. We have little control over these issues and try to do our best to get you your prize.

If you replied to your PM/email about winning a prize and completely filled out the prize form then we have all your details and will ship to you as fast as we can. We are in the process of making the prize-receiving a much easier and faster process, and hope to have it implemented soon to help prevent hiccups like this.

You are free to email service@instructables.com if you have any questions.

Hi there, it's happen to me too .. i asked them and found the same answer ... i won the first prize in the "Halloween Draw and sketch it with sketchbook" .. yes i feel curious too, because they don't give us any information about it.

Sponsors are sometimes slow getting prizes to HQ.

well wouldn't be easier for them just to ship to HQ during an ongoing contest then you guys ship it to the winners.

You'd think so, wouldn't you, but the sponsors are in control in situations like that, not HQ.