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Just wanted to ask if yous are able to make the contests open to New Zealand? I see you have Australia in there but what about us here in NZ? I work at a after school center for youth and I have a few members that would really like to enter the LED competition you have going at the moment. They have just started thinking about something and then I saw the fine print that the comp was not open to us.

Could this change anytime soon?



6 years ago

Just out of curiosity, what kind of laws would omit a country or area. I'm pretty ignorant of international law (make that totally ignorant) but it doesn't seem any more complicated than '"You Won" where do we ship your prize?'

Well...it is.

Some jurisdictions have laws about games of chance vs. games of skill, those involving alcohol as a prize, those involving prizes worth more than a given amount of money, etc, etc.

The law is a strange and complicated animal. Not every area of the law is similarly complex, but the laws concerning contests are not among the simple ones.

Yeah, Ok. I had a feeling the answer would be something like that. I just feel bad for all those other people, y'know.

Things like this are, unfortunately, in the hands of the lawyers.

The best advice I can offer is "be patient". If, though, you enter a contest, Instructables do not officially know where you live until you tell them.

If you have a friend in an eligible country, and you win, you can give their address as yours, and then they can forward the package to you.