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"Contests being judged" disappeared Answered

I can't find the contests who are currently closed but open for voting in the new contests page.
...is it just me?

Right now I think there is the Fashion contest only, but I can't find it anywhere.
The only way for me to go to the Fashion contest page is going to one of the entries and click on the Vote! button.
If I am not the only one who doesn't see it, it's hard for people to vote.

This is how it looks to me...


I noticed this too and came to the forum to see if someone mentioned it! Looks like you did! My other question is how to see ALL the past contests...it only links to like the last 5 contests or something...
I like the new format for the contests though...I just wish they went in order of deadlines...maybe I'm OCD. :)

Here's the link to see all the past contests:

It's listed from oldest to newest. :)

Well, I am OCD too then because I agree!! :D
Checking the deadline order was one of the first things I did when I saw the new contest page...but other than this I like the new page very much! :)

I guess Fashion contest was the only contest which came under status BEING JUDGED after midnight, before that the voting was on. Probably that's why the section was empty, and Indeed there should be a section of VOTING GOING ON. Had it been the case, the Fashion contest would have appeared in that before midnight. :)

Honestly I like the looks of new page, but the old page provided a complete summary view of the contest, which was very useful, and i miss that in the new UI.

I waited to see what happened to the new closed contests (like the Beauty and Italian Food Contest) and you are right, they will probably be in the Being Judged section in a couple of days when the voting is over.
But in the meantime, we would really need another section for them, it's hard to vote otherwise...

I reported it as soon as I noticed yesterday - I hope it will be fixed very soon!

Fingers crossed that we'll soon have "contests in voting" and "contests being judged" sections. :)

The fashion contest is back in the contest page now!
Thank you to whoever did it! :D

And yes, those 2 different sections would be perfect!