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Contests for the French ? Answered

Why in the contests "official rules" I do not see France "the French can Participate" ?


Simplest test of your laws: Can you gamble on the outcomes of games of pure skill in any bar ?

out, in many countries where the laws aren't derived from English
common law, that isn't true, in the ones it is, generally Instructables
contests are permitted.

Laws between EU countries are not that similar.

Many places are excluded from contest because of local laws regarding contests. This question gets asked all the time.

Thank you for your reply but several European Union countries can participate (Belgium , Netherlands, Denmark, Germany) .

Why exclude France ?

I know that there are local laws in different countries .

But we are in European Union the laws does not differ (may) from a neighboring country to another.

We already participate in competitions US.

I do not understand why we can not to participate to instructable contest ?

It's either laws differ when it comes to competitions or the legal team hasn't gotten around to reviewing France's laws. But many laws vary from country to country, state to state, and territory to territory. Case in point is Canada. All of Canada can participate except Ontario because they have laws prohibiting contests from countries that are not based in Ontario.

Thank you for your answers.

I had ideas Submit the contest. But I can not participate in the contest instrustable . Unfortunately, I 'm posted my ideas in Other Place .

Sorry for not Being published .

In all likelihood, it has to do with contest rules that do not conform to French law (if the French really can't participate).

When rules of a contest violate the local ordinances in another country, the contest cannot legally be inclusive of that countries citizens. For instance, Sony North America couldn't allow Canadian citizens official participation in a racing contest (Gran Turismo) becuase Canadian laws did not allow the rewards to be offered within the pervue (sp) of the sponsoring company (Sony). It was not Sony's fault, it was the fault of Canadian laws that blocked participation.

I suspect similar issues are at the heart of your issue, if indeed your assumption is correct. If it was me, I'd ask your government why your laws restrict participation in the American company's contest.


3 years ago

I depends on the individual contest. You have to read the fine print.

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry but I do understand what you mean by "I depends on the individual competition."

I still re-read the official rules, I really believe that France can't participate.

I meant to type IT and not I .

The rules for each contest are different. So you need to read them for each contest. Some are more limited than others. The same is true of the prizes. Some things can easily be shipped anywhere some things cannot.