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Contingency Plan Answered

As part of my disaster readiness planning, I have given the scenario of a global economic meltdown much consideration. To this end I have compiled a thorough step-by-step contingency plan. I am happy to now be able to make this guide actionable and will be sharing all of this information as an Instructable shortly. How about you? Have you done any preparation? Have you given the matter any forethought?


put all your money in a chinese bank, and watch your money inflate....

...making money like that is quite common, and it really can screw up the economy if somebody pulls out of a certain country. Meh, atleast you get some cheap money out of it.

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I have some great kitchen tips on baking with children. They taste excellent. So tender.

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So, I have forgotten if I asked this already I had wanted to, but now can't find the post, so maybe I forgot but these instructables should be on individual projects and not a conglomeration of small ones? Or doesn't it matter?

I think so long as the tips/steps are somehow related, it should be okay. I mean, who's going to deny steps on how to save money?

Just check out what people did during WWII. Recycling glass and plastic for cash, growing "victory" gardens for extra food/spices. A lot of people already using carpool systems or are looking at alternate transportation methods.

I have to agree here. There are plenty of older books on how to live frugally in tough times, or hey, go talk to a family member who lived back then and knew how to save money. They'll appreciate the company and interest, and you'll get useful suggestions. I have to say victory gardens are probably my favorite of the ideas, but then I'm a green thumb anyway.

I'd siphon the gas out of a few neighbor's cars and take it with me on a nice long drive to NachoMahma's house. He has guns.

You can stop at my place on the way (I'm not too far from Nacho), and spend a week in the "survival bus"!


Awesome !! more pictures please !!

I'll post 'em in a couple of days, I'm hardly ever home (during daylight) these days.

Check out my forum in Random Fun. It's called "Name this Bus".

I'll try. One is the survival bus, th other is the "storage bus".

Yeah, they both run and drive, but I don't have them insured, so they stay on my property.

Notice the gas can strapped to the front? That's the gas tank! Feeds directly to the carb.

Cool! Hmmmm.... NachoMahma and Skunkbait Present: Survival Colony of Assorted Persons Count me in!

I'm hoping to do an ible on how to make a "Skoolie". It's quite a job, but the finished product is a HEAVY DUTY recreational vehicle (for about $2000).