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Controller Camera Answered

I'm new to this sorry. I want to make a wireless contolled camera or some thing that use either the ps1 or n64 controllers. Like if you press X it will take the photo. I want to have a display near or on the controller so it can be viewed with out the camera. As well as a usb cable so it can plug directly into the pc. I know it sounds like a lot too but I have most of the parts.


I'm not sure how to do reply's yet on here. But ummm.... I dont want to spend any money on parts that I already have that I just need to know how to interface them. But I will keep that in mind if it doesn't turn out. Since I have alot of the parts.


10 years ago

check out this link - it should make things much easier

with this, you could press the x button, and it would take a picture. as far as the usb is concerned, that won't work, unless you have the camera transmit the data to your controller, and i don't know how to do that. in terms of a viewing screen, i got nothing.