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Controlling HDMI or vga monitor Answered

I'm working on a project that I need a monitor to display information for a predetermined amount of time then turn off (Im will not be using the Raspberry Pi for this). In a days time I may want the monitor ON/OFF twice or several times. I've got experience with using relays, and was thinking of breaking the 110v to achieve it, however not sure if I would be shorting the life of the monitor by doing this. Would it be more practical to break the incoming HDMI cable with some particular pinouts( like the video or signal or 5v? with a relay or two) and keep the monitor turned on 24/7? Thanks! FYI. This monitor will NOT be connected to a PC, it will only be displaying my outside cameras when activated.


Will be soldiering wires to the ON/OFF button.... seems to rectify my concern.

If there is an IR remote, you can just use the TV-be-gone device and turn it off with an IR led.

Question I'm wondering if it would be difficult to dismantle the monitor and figure out the power wires to the LED's Then install a small relay to toggle on and off the display

Ya, I forgot last night to say. I'd like to add a PIR to the top of the frame to wave my hand across to turn it on. I've got the timer and components and accessories to do it. It also dawned on my I can't interup the HDMI signal because the monitor would say "loss signal" I wonder if I could solder wires to the ON/OFF switch of the device

Voiding the warranty of course however I wonder how hard it would be to find the power for the LED backlight... Then inserting a relay to toggle...hmmm