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Controlling an Arduino with a smartphone? Answered

I am building a Hexacopter and I wondered if it's possible to control the Arduino inside it with a smartphone, to be able to do things that a regular RC can't do, like showing me how balanced it is, showing me a real time camera view, and control it with virtual joysticks. Is it possible to do all of that? How far can a smartphone transmit? 




Best Answer 6 years ago

The answer is yes you can but unless you have lots of Android and Arduino developing experience some of it will be very challenging. How much Android and Arduino experience do you have. (iOS is possible but much harder I hear because of Apple's limitations on the iPhone and the development of apps.)

It's easy, and cheap, to Bluetooth enable an Arduino for use with Android but it won't stream video that's any good. The toy copters on the market now that stream video use wifi. Take a look at those, like the Parrot. You can transmit data, like you would get from a accelerometer, with Bluetooth and write an app to display it in a meaningful way. You can also use virtual joysticks because there are products that do but I don't know how. I do know that you can pull and transmit the data from the phones sensors so you could setup a tilt control much easier I would think.

Search for some relevant instructables. I have one where I control an Arduino with my Android via Bluetooth and i know there is one that shows how to get the sensor data from an Android. You are going to have to piece knowledge together from various sources to complete this project.

What range will it have?

Most Bluetooth has a line-of-sight range of around 10m. There are high powered transmitters that can achieve LOS ranges of close to 100m but those are expensive.

For WiFi, b & g get ranges around 30m indoors, 90m LOS but n has almost double the range.

What with ? Wifi ? Bluetooth ?

It does, if you want an answer as to how far a smartphone can transmit.....