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Controlling motors with my Arduino Answered

Hello, i received an arduino (duemilanove) as a gift for christmas so im still kind of a n00b, i was wondering if it was possible to control motors directly from the arduino for an upcoming project?
i would buy a motorshield but im not sure if its compatible with the duemilanove and if i do buy it i wont be able to get it until around easter

I need to run two-three motors in bursts repeatedly (ex. Motor 1 for 1 sec Motor 2 for 1 sec motor 1 for 1 sec...................... you get the gist of it)

Thanks in advance, Firezone 


I'd assume you could drive a motor or two with the analog outs if the requirements are in line. But it seems like having the Arduino communicating with some sort of motor controller would be your best bet.