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Convert Sharp vision projector to LED? Answered

 I have a Sharp Vision projector that my parents had laying around. It's pretty old and worked for a few days, but now im getting a blinking green light, and a quick google search said that meant the ballast needs to be replaced.
I was wondering since there is already an existing lcd and lens in the projector if I could gut the ballast and bulb out and replace it with a set of high powered LEDs. I saw a hackaday article not to long ago of a  high powered flashlight.....maybe the same tech inside of a projector.

Ideally id like to be able to produce enough light to start Projection bombing on the side of my garage. 
Thanks for any feedback



Best Answer 8 years ago

Some of the comments on this (old!) forum topic might be of interest.  Note Gizmotech references a company that supposedly sells LED-based replacement bulbs for projectors.

Absoulty, I am working on this same project for a rear projection TV. the set up is simular. I will be posting a instructable once I compleate it. Basically though all you have to do is trick the bulb power supply (and remove it) replace it with the LED Power supply and fit the LED into your old ballest with a fresnel lens. I think I will actually cut the base of the old bulb and use it as a reflector. I am using a 50w led. You can find them on ebay for around 50-60 with a powersupply. the hard part for you is going to be cooling. If the projector dosent have a fan to cool the bulb built in you will need to add one. the LED HAS to stay cool. which requires a large heat sink. (from a computer CPU works well.) I will let you know when I finish it and make the instructable.

Hi - I'm getting ready to convert a projector myself, and was interest to know how it turned out?

I ran out of funds before i finished but I did defeat the bulb start sensor. and placed a 50w led with fresnal lens and got a fair picture. Watchable at night. I think with the proper alignment of the LED and the lens it would have produced a good image. but like I said I ran out of money and ended up buying the regular bulb.