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Convert a 13.2 volt tool to 110 ac? Answered

I've got a Woodzig (a super-mini chainsaw) that no longer takes a charge. It's also no longer made.   I'd liker to get out of battery mode altogether.

How hard would it be to convert it to ac?  I've emptied a battery pack, so I have a shell with a red wire and a black wire that snaps onto the bottom of the saw. 


Have you tried attaching it to a car battery? That might be something fun to do, and while you're doing this you could put an ammeter in series with it, and maybe measure how much current it draws under load.

The reason it would be fun to know how much current your tool draws is because current is one of two factors in the equation for power, that is:

P = I *V

You see, if you're going to get serious about going shopping for, or building a DC power supply, it is helpful to know those two numbers: voltage and current-while-loaded. Not all 12 V DC power sources are the same. Some are capable of supplying more current (amperes), and thus more power I*V, than others.

The reason I suggested a car battery, is because this source roughly matches the voltage your tool wants, and because a car battery can supply a lot of current, for some number of minutes...

If you don't have a car, or don't want to mess with the battery on your car, then you should borrow a car from a  friend.

In the answer above, I was sort of naively assuming you know how to connect two power cords together, and how to get the polarity right.  (For example, for DC, usually red means positive (+)  and black means negative (-), usually.)  Anyway, it couldn't hurt to see some pictures of people doing similar things, and that's whats linked below.

Some related 'ibles:



The search I used find the 'ibles linked above:

You'd be best replacing the motor.
If that sounds impractical, a 110VAC to low voltage DC supply such as a car-battery charger might be a good try.


Intuitively, switching motors makes sense. Sadly, I know nothing about motors... but I'm going to look to see if there is an instrucable about doing it :) Thanks

I had a similar problem, what I did was buy a computer power supply off of eBay (official adapter was £60, this was £10).
Plug it into mains (110v or 240v AC) and it will output DC up to 10A or more depending on what power supply you buy.

I don't know what current a chain-saw might draw but this powers my air compressor very well.

most power supplies are 12V (close enough) as for getting the exact voltage that might require a little extra wiring (nothing expensive) but I won't go into that right now.

- Tom

Note: the power supply I bought intentionally had similar characteristics to a car battery, but this is potentially cheaper and won't need recharging all the time.

Thanks! It's good to know this is possible.


7 years ago

BE CLEARER. but for the 13.2volt to 110 volt ac. buy an inverter or 3search ins3tructables3 for homemade inverters3.

you said that it no longer take3s charge. s3o the battery i3s fx*x*x*d up. it encountered sulphation