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Convert a standard adult trike to a cargo trike to carry two toddlers - anybody know how? Answered

I'm considering buying an adult trike to convert to carry two small children. I'm sick of pushing a stroller the whole time but can't stand those trailers that people pull through the traffic. Anybody got any ideas of where to start?



Not sure if anyone is still interested but I took my old worksman trike and welded an open ended box to replace the basket, it fits my 9 yo daughter and her friend. I'm sure a welding shop or a friend with a welder could put something together for you


8 years ago

 I have a non-standard 3 wheeler (hopefully the picture works) with a standard size basket on the back, my 3yo grandson likes to ride in the basket but Im always scared he's going to put his hands in the spokes and theres really no room to carry anything. What Im working on is a pickup style bed with sides that will keep little fingers safe AND give me more carry space. Take that one step further and add a bench seat  with safety belts for 2 or even 2 car seat shells side by side


090409 004.jpg

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I would be interested in doing the same.

not yet, this is one of those projects thats gotten to the sketch and collect parts phaze but then was back burnerd. My bike has more of a frame behind the seat than the average adult trike so Im not so sure that even when I do (hopefully soon) get it finished that it would work in your situation unless you have access to a welder, but even then cantalvering a "bed" on the back of a regular adult trike with its short wheelbase may make it unstable

I'm thinking you want the reverse of this?
I.e. kids at the back? (My mum used to have one, but I can't find a pic)
More like what you get from this search?


That PASHLEY TRICYCLE WITH TWO CHILD SEATS is certainly what she/he is looking for.  Too bad they aren't made anymore and the used ones are really expensive.

But it shouldn't be too hard to build one up from a regular trike.

But, if that's what they want we've got a starting point there.



8 years ago

There are tons of possibilities.  BUT, a photo or at least the make and model is almost a must. 

I don't know whether I'd want to put two todlers on the back of an adult trike or a trailer.

Post a photo of the one you are planning to buy so we know what we're talking about.

I'll bet there is already something available as an add on for this.  There seems to be just about everything you could possilbly want in the bike store.