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Convert generator to motor? Answered

Hey guys I am trying to use the generator in my bajaj platina bike into a motor so that it can be used for as self starter motor as well as generator can this be done..



Any generator can technically work as a motor but the fact is it will either be a good generator or motor not both. So it could be done, but there is no guarantee that it will be a good enough motor to start your engine.

There is also the fact that generators on bikes and cars are usually alternators and give out AC current which is rectified to charge the battery. This means the electronics to power these type of generators to be motors is expensive and big.

So i wouldn't recommend using the same generator to start the engine, it would probably be easier to attach a second starter motor so there is separate electronics for charging and starting.



also you can google "use generator as starter" to get lots more info.

There is a good possibility that it will work.  Lots of older riding lawnmowers and garden tractors do this.  The key is you have to have a generator not an alternator.

Check out this link.

Then look at these diagrams.  Which one you use depends on what your equipment looks like.

Rajesh ji i simply suggest you to get the self start motor,try looking at your local mechanic regarding it.as far as i have seen here such thing is not possible.
I own a Royal Enfield 350cc