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Converting 12v DC to 5v DC Answered


I’m very new in electronics. I would like to connect my analog camera that uses 5v dc to my car battery. So I need your help to make a voltage converter. From what I have understand searching the web, I will be possible and very easy actually. All I would need is an opamp and some resistors?!!! Right? So any diagram or anything that you can help me with will be more than appreciated.
Thank you for your time reading this.
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P.S. I hope I’m in the right place writing this topic


What you need is a 5V VOLTAGE REGULATOR, that can handle the current your camera will consume. There are plenty of circuits on the web for such things.


Hi Steve,
yes your right and. I got it now all figure it out. i just had to search for "5V VOLTAGE REGULATOR" keyword and there you go. as many as you like outhere. If i may post this, is yet the best way of doing it described in the web: http://blog.arieldelafuente.com/2009/11/07/5v-regulator-using-the-7805/

But a lot of power would be wasted this way... I mean, 7805 will dissipate the unused power as heat... Don't we have a more 'energy-efficient' way?

Yes, there are lots, but you have to consider the camera dissipation, which is likely to be less than 1W, and the dissipation, also < 1W. Is it worth the cost and complexity ?