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Converting 1A to 5A Answered

I have 12V 1.5A AC transformer.
I want to produce DC 12V 5A amps from it.
Is it possible?
If it is, than tell me HOW...




12 months ago

That is simple use the rectified 12vac x 1.414 = 16.9 VDC peak to charge a battery..

Then when you want, the battery or super capacitor will easily deliver 12VDC at 5 or more amperes for a limited time !

I'm telling you it takes more time to charge an energy storage device then it can discharge at a higher current.. But if you needed 5A (24/7) you would stop banging your noggin against a brick wall and buy a 5A TR = transformer-rectifier and be done with this silly question...

The simple answer is, no it is not possible

true. But its fun to make silly suggestions.

Failure mode often has to do with heat. Insulation, or wire burning. So maybe liquid N2 would buy more amp capacity.

if you were OK with lower v, you could remove the secondary windings, and replace em with fewer turns of heavier wire.

get 4 of em.