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Converting 8 track tapes: is there any usb gadget that can convert 8 track tapes into digital media? Answered



7 years ago

Out of curiosity- What albums do you have on 8-track?

My 8 Tracks are packed away but when I get a chance I will let you know. I do know I have quite a bit of Readers Digest collections and of course have 60's and 70's also. Will get back to you when I can dig them out.

If you have an 8-track player, connect audio-out to PC line-in and use Audacity.


Thanks - I appreciate your taking the time to reply - Happy New Year

There is a short written guide here, but I would suggest using audacity instead of the programs they list if you have it.

It sounds like audacity is the program to use - and do appreciate your quick response - Happy New Year

Wow! That's going back a bit.
As long as you have the player circuitry and can get audio out, it's just like converting any other sound source.  Use something like THIS.

Yup, I'm an old f*!*t - Would like to get rid of them as I have too much stuff - It gets so it weighs one down - Thanks for your reply - Happy New Year