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Converting G clamps or similar to a bench vice? Answered

Looking to make some stuff but don't really have access to a workshop. Not so much of a problem tool wise, all I really need as a drill and a hacksaw, but will definitely be needing a medium size bench vice. Don't have one, can't afford one.

So was thinking to somehow convert one or two G clamps or something similar. Was wondering if there's any existing resources or tutorials on how to do this, just so I don't unnecessarily reinvent any wheels.



if the bench is framed with 2x4 under the top, u can clamp work to the bench without modifying the clamp.

u want somthin like a vice above the worktop? Or flush with it

I don't think it matters. They all are basically the same...

It would be cheaper to buy a big threaded rod, and make a vise. You'll be paying way more for pretty much the same thing. (I know I'm late!)

Unless you happen to have a bic C-Clamp on hand... Well... Keep it. Those are pretty expensive

You could drill through the flat of the G clamp, in two places, then fix it to the side of a big block of wood with a pair of hefty screws.