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ConveyerBelt Answered

Hey guys I was thinkin on workin on a conveyor belt right now so It would be easier to clean up stuff and all so if you guys got any idea's or anything like that it would be great to help me get started. I do not have many gears so i can't make anything with a lot of gears. I have made a prototype that pushes things along a small table put it doesn't really work very well because you would have to use only rods that are yellow and bigger or else they might fall through cracks. I am just playing around to see If i can find a decent Knex belt. Here are my pictures of my prototype... It pushes things along the table sort of thing... If anybody can figure how you can make a round conveyor belt able that would be very thrilling!!!!! The red rods push the items against the table and it doesn't jam when i tested it and left it on for like 1 hour. If you don't have this motor you can use the other motor but I'm not sure how it might work so I hope this might give anybody a idea to build something.



Well... I can't really think of anything but I am now making a ball machine and I might think of something while I make my ball machine. If your wondering if I might show you it I problably will on this thread and my goal is to have 5-8 paths and making it 6 feet high. I would try to make it higher but I'm afraid it might hit the fan in the room.

Looks nice.......... post!