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Cookie Jar Caption Contest! UPDATE: winner announced Answered

It's been a little while since we've had a caption contest and it's fun to give away cookie patches so why not do both at the same time!

Why not indeed.

So! Here's the deal. Submit a caption for the picture below from this thread and you could win a 3-D puzzle of the whole world!

It goes like this:
- Post a new comment with your caption
- You can submit up to 3 captions
- Each caption gets its own comment
- Contest closes for entries at 4:30 pm PDT tomorrow (look at the timestamp on your comment)
- Everyone who posts a caption gets a cookie patch

OK now go!

UPDATE: The winner is gibsly with the caption in the picture below. Thanks to everyone who entered with a caption! There were many other great captions there.

Due to a minor emergency around delicious food being served somewhere else there will be a delay in the cookie patches being sent out, but they will be sent out.



8 years ago

"He failed math. She writes code. Together, they're detectives!"

Yay! thanks! This'll add to my geek uh, street cred.

I am testing the time, I will post my entries if I am not too late

YAY. Okay Entry 1: Women - I will shoot you... after I fart Entry 2: Man - We agreed to shoot the giant face, not my face! Entry 3: Women - I am Achmed. I KILL YOU! Or at least break your back.

each entry was supposed to be a separate post.... ;-)

Really? I think it would be more organized with all 3 in just one post.

Yeah, it would seem, but then, if the posts are separated, then they get 3 notices of the post, OR if they are linked as replies to one another, they are still pretty much organized :-)

Anyway, I assumed that this is what he meant by:

- You can submit up to 3 captions
- Each caption gets its own comment

"Mens vacua in corpore nero."

Sorry, domindude10. I'm not sure how this works. First time I post here. Was that "what" for me? Just in case: "Mens vacua in corpore nero" is mock Latin. It's a remake of that "Mens sana in corpore sano" line. It could be translated as "An empty mind in a black-clad body". I was just using my definition of Goths with these guys in the pic. :p

I accidentally posted domindude's little type....I didn't mean to, I just wanted to see it.....*sigh* but, in response: et tu?

All I understood was, "Nor dom!" and I don't even know if you mean me or not...

I was punning around with Skunkbait....and was a bit tired when I wrote that...I didn't have a useful pun, so I shot two different languages back at him :-)

Sorry, I copied your small print into a reply box so I could see it (it gets bigger with a copy/paste) BUT I normally then delete it, having read what you posted. This time, I lost my mind for a moment, and clicked on post, and didn't even notice that I had done that.....sorry for he confusion..

No, I know what you did, (Copy and pasted) but what I was saying was, I don't know why I posted that because it now doesn't make sense to me.

Oh ok, Carmen wrote:

Sorry, domindude10. I'm not sure how this works. First time I post here. Was that "what" for me?

and you answered to the affirmative :-)

Yeah, but I used to wrong to, so I was litterally reading, "Yes it was too you," instead of,"Yes, it was to you."
(I like to use correct grammar, and when I don't, I get confused.)

I see. Yes, that was what Skunkbait played off of when I accidentally posted it :-) I suppose I could delete it and REALLY confuse future readers LOL

I quite like the post as it is, actually. Instructables looks so cosmopolitan. In any case I can add to the confussion by writing in Spanish and Galician, the language they speak in the area of Spain where I live. After a while we could write an instructable on how to make sense of the comments. :p

May I ask (and if it is not something you wish to say on the boards, you can pm me) without sounding too forward, is English your first or second language? You seem to handle spelling, and grammar quite well.

Oops... confusion. :D Hi Goodhart, As they say, you're free to ask anything you like. I'm free to answer whatever I want. :p I can answer that one. English was my first language until I was 6. Then my parents, who are Spanish, moved back to Spain. I couldn't speak any Spanish before that. So most of my education has been in Spanish. In my twenties I moved back to Britain, and after some years I moved back to Spain. I speak both as a native. I teach English and Spanish for a living, so I have to use both every day. But at this moment I guess my first language is Spanish. :)

Ok, thank you, that is interesting. I certainly could have used another language under my belt when I was younger; but at my present age, I have a bit of difficulty with foreign grammar, etc.

Wait, I know what I did. I wrote "too you", instead of, "to you" My mistake.

He knew something was missing. It didn't add up... That is, until he found The One!

Dangerous questions: Does my bum look big in this?

I posted that one one a lot of comments ago, republished since you had the idea too: L


Hadn't seen it, sorry! Great minds think alike, I guess. :p

Incoming message from the Big Giant Head!