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Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to all those who left a comment! Answered

OK, I'm giving away some cookie patches again, but this time it's a little different. Remember, follow the rules or no cookie for you!

So here's what you need to do:
- make a new comment that says what your next project is
- the comment must be 10 words or less

Got it? Also, the project can be something original or something that's been done a million times before. It can be something you're going to do tomorrow or hope to finish in your lifetime. It's up to you.

This time the cookie jar will be open a little longer. The cookie jar will close tomorrow at 4:30 pm PST. That's July 9 at 4:30.

All right, so what's your next project?

UPDATE: Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to everyone who left a comment. It's cool to see what everyone's working on and I wish you all the best in getting it done.


Mini S'mores Cupcakes...mmmm.

A Giant Mobile Catapolt

Make a nice looking birthday card for dad. Cookie Please?


9 years ago

As mentioned in Spaceship Superstar...

Have I piqued your interest? :D It'll be published this weekend!

Well you're dead if you taste it so I wouldn't know...

Do I have to post the project?

Otherwise, cookie please! Office Mini Basketball!


9 years ago

My next project is to make a cryptex.

A 24 channel fireworks detonator that fits in a suitcase.

i want one


9 years ago

A computer keyboard you can use with only one hand.

Sounds interesting. Did you see Ben Heck's one-handed Xbox controller?

Yes (I saw just about everything in that vein Ben Heck did, as an avid hackaday reader and lover of portable-ising electronics). This has similar potential use for people with disabiluities, but also fits a certain niche of computer use for people with the use of both hands. I'm running away on holiday for a while, so there probably won't be significant progress until the end of this month, but it's next on my "to make" list.


Reply 9 years ago

Aso, thanks for the patch- the cookie hogs are going to be full up, can the next contest be for some celery or something similarly wholesome? ;)

Virtual cookies making you virtually fat? Oh noes!

transplanting a speaker and mic into a broken violin.

A gummy bear with a transplanted and beating heart.

Ahh, you're going to do that, eh? Nice. I've already sketched out some ideas for more gummi bear surgery. Just need to go and buy a couple bags.

I was hoping that my design would have worked right off the bat but, as seemingly always, I seem to have introduced a bug into the circuit.

I am having some difficulties with that though.....it beats ON but will not turn all the way OFF. *sigh* I may have to use a dual timer....

I have even resorted to posting a Question on the problem It has me stumped.....unless I break down and use a three legged LED, or use a 556 timer sigh....which would mean I would have to resolder the whole thing again....


9 years ago

Light windchime: transparent tubes, leds and sounds

Are the Cookies ready to see, where can I see mine ?

I'm gonna make my computer fast again. :D

I'm going to overclock my DS with an AVR microcontroller.

Unravel the mysteries of the universe. Cookie please :).

It's terrible how those strings get all tangled up...

Yeah, I got them tangled up around a 7-dimensional knot :(