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Cookie jar is closed! Cookie patches delivered! Answered

The cookie jar is open for the next day and a half. If you want a cookie, just follow these instructions:

- Make a new comment
- In 10 words or less write what your dream project is
- Submit it before 4:30 pm PST, July 21.

You don't need to ask for a cookie, you just need to put out your idea with 10 words or less.

So... what's your dream project?

UPDATE: The cookie jar is cloooooooosed! Thanks to everyone who posted a comment of their dream projects. It's always fun to dream and dream big.

All of the cookie patches have been given out. I said 10 words and I meant it. I'm a stickler, I know, but I will be giving patches out again in the future 'cuz you're all awesome and it's fun.


To build a self replicating autonomous humanoid robot

Couldn't that cause problems? One robot makes two robots Two robots make four robots Four robots make eight robots eight robots make 16 robots 16 robots make 32 robots 32 robots make 64 robots 64 robots make 128 robots 128 robots make 256 robots 256 robots make 512 robots 512 robots make 1042 robots 1042 robots make 2084 robots 2084 robots make 4168 robots 4168 robots make 8336 robots and so on.

Well that is kindof the idea, to have an inexhaustible supply of labor, although you are correct to have an inexhaustible supply of labor that can think on its own could cause some massive problems for mankind. But that is why we have computer programmers.

We will use the houses of our enemies and the dust of the cities we destroy, and or recycled aluminum cans, whichever comes first.

Nice, just make sure that it's not 'dirty' and is good for the environment. And post pics.



One little bit error.... ... -> 512 -> 1024 -> 2048 -> 4096 -> 8192 -> 16384 -> 3278 -> 65536 -> etc. And they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on...

There's an error in your reiteration: 16384 -> 32768, but I am sure it was only a typo, right :-) since you proceeded to the next number without error

Yes, that's a dropped six. I could have continued (without a calculator), but why bother...

Build a teleporter. Cliched, but undoubtedly awesome.

unfortunately, sentence two says, "It does not transport energy or matter," so it might be a while (but its still pretty damn cool!)

Heh :-) You didn't say what kind of teleporter, now did you ;->

true, true
although, even though it's possible , I'm skeptical that I could make one lol
certainly worth a shot tho, right? ;

All you really need is a decent laser, optical fiber, something you can use as an optical bench with mirrors etc., one or two birefringent parametric downconversion crystals (to make entangled photon pairs), and maybe a couple of Penning traps to hold your single ions. How hard can it be? :-)

Oh, that's all I need XD

Sounds easy when you put it that way :P

To Make A GIANT cheese sandwich.

About enough to cover Russia.

we will solve world hunger by coating the world in a giant grilled cheese sandwich! Crowd cheering in background and applauding.

and what, besides cheese, would be on this sandwich?

Pickeles, From my other idea. A GIANT POT OF BRANSTONS! Bring out the GIANT branstons.

branstons? what are they?

Probably a fair few Russians if it covered that area.

Well well, as a pro i think you would have guessed that we should send the russians to live in the desolate parts of austarlia while this sandwhich is underway.

Aw man!I always miss the cookie jar!The one time I did get to the jar in time it wouldn't let me post a comment!;-( ;-(;-(

PITY PARTY OVER HERE!!!! *people run over with gifts*

Everyone got a cookie but me!

A laser wind speed gage for a home weather station. Low power IR laser would point up thru funnel shaped rain and snow protector, Sensor would measure reflected signal noise. Might be possible to calibrate to local wind speed measured with standard anemometer. Or not.

Way over 10 words! Project does sound pretty awesome, though. Would love to see you try that one out.

His first sentence is his project. The rest is elaborating and explaining.

Yes, I think that was pretty clear, but thank you for explaining that. It still doesn't change the fact that the comment had more than 10 words.

the "10 words or less" clause + you = fail...
cool idea, though...

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