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Cool Forum Statistics Answered

I'm a sucker for statistics. Check out what I Stumbled on.

This website lets you see statistics on just about any forum or message board on the web. It's pretty insane.

As an example, here's some stats on the Community Blog forum.

On this particular forum, Goodhart has had the most posts this week, followed by Adrian Monk and then Keith-Kid. With Labot2001 at a strong tenth. ;-)

Just thought I'd shared something of interest ;-)


How about this?
I think it's the total of all of the categories and I'm... No. 2!

Top authors on Instructables : Forum during last week:

Name Posts

Adrian monk 353
Labot2001 276
skate6566 225
Keith-Kid 209
Goodhart 159
skunkbait 153
tech-king 144
GorillazMiko 141
Kiteman 131
=SMART= 109

HAHAHA! I'm #1~ I'm #1!!! I even beat out Goodhart! I left him in the dust!

So... You're boasting about talking the most...?

Wait, she needs to have some points deducted. Because she's a female, and they are known to talk more.

...she's a female, and they are known to talk more.

I saw NO ONE giving Goodhart a bunch of flak when he was the top commenter!

You said:
...she's a female, and they are known to talk more.

I saw NO ONE giving Goodhart a bunch of flak when he was the top commenter!

That last sentence made no sense because this... debate has to do with women talking more. Goodhart isn't a woman. Case closed.

Show me scientific evidece that women talk more. I wanna see it.

In ‘The Female Brain’, author Louann Brizendine conducted a test. The results were that women speak about 20,000 words a day while men speak a mere 7,000.

My IP address is a 192.XXX.X.X. There are no 192.X... on that list of editors. One more thing. Did I edit that page under the names of Oztrondesign, Drivenapart, Doczilla, or any of the other names or IP's on that list? There are tons of users that edited that page. Did I bribe them all?

See, it's the .XXX.X.X that I'm interested in-I figured the 192. part. :P

You do realize I have been playing with you all along, right?

I thought you were just being totally stubborn. LOL! Where have you been over the last week?

*Thinks back over week* *Can't think of where I've been * Nothing special, kinda busy, is all.

Adrian, the book is real. (Non-wiki link)

However, the author is wrong - she didn't actually do any proper studies, and even used self-help gurus as her references. Apparently she has 90 pages of references to back her claims up, but none of the references are sound - they are claims, with no actual data beyond "studies say". The actual facts are that both men and women, on average, use the same number of words in a day - roughly 16,000.

Scientific American article
Boston News article

Maybe women just say them louder?

I know it's real, I was just playing with Skate...;) Yeah, I thought those statistics sounded fishy. Just about every man I know talks and talks and talks!

Maybe this is why they say scientists never get the girls?

That would be why. Scientists seem to have poorly developed social skills.

*points at Rocketscientist2015*

Psssst. That's the guy

Uh...oh.......*seven.......two....carry the one.....by percentage.....*



ROFLOL!!!! Skate, best discussion you ever created! *Drop down on floor to laugh some more*

*Point taken*

*Goes off into corner, sharply curtails commenting*

Although it WAS a joke...

yeah, you beat a guy who just had a bypass......that's something to be proud of......Laughing at other people's weaknesses like that! Instead of throwing salt in his wounds, why don't you help him up?! Besides, give him a month, I bet he can make 500 in a week.

Take. A. Chill Pill. I really don't give a monkey's uncle about the comments. I was just surprised. It did occur to me that the bypass is why I "beat" Goodhart. I wasn't making fun of him, or laughing at his weakness. I'm not throwing salt in his wounds. It was just a joke! I am sorry Goodhart, if this offended you. Didn't mean it like that. :(

Just in case..... Monkey uncles...... *sigh* And so it begins again......

Whoo! I'm a solid 4th place, even though I haven't posted a lot this week!