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Cool Neon Build Night at the Taipei Hackerspace Answered

Hi everyone,

Just checking in from Taipei Hackerspace. We have just finished out Build Night last weekend. It was 5-6 of us hacking away on electro-luminescent wire projects. Started in the afternoon, fortunately got dark by the time we had anything to try.

The results are:
[Hack] light into the night, and maybe even party
Simple neon display, or pimped up to be light beats for music

Galloping horse display
Animated display, go horsie go!

There are more photos on our Facebook page.

It was fun, with some lessons learned:
* I should have checked out the hardware we get before the event, had to scramble to find some example code for the Cool Neon Shield, how to use it
* the Shield behaves a bit weird, when the driver is used in the "on" setting (as opposed to "blink"), the light "latches" - once the arduino turns it on, it won't turn off until the power is removed. Worked around this by using things in blink mode, but not idea
* will have to use a wall-plug driver for the shield later, as the batteries are not powerful enough to make it look good when more than one EL wire is on (it's brighter on the pictures/video than with eyes).
* people love things that light up :)